Married Then – Party Now!

DuGaren Venues & Vineyards

Two years ago when couples started planning their 2020 wedding, their biggest fear was bad weather, not a global pandemic.

Many imagined a traditional wedding weekend complete with a rehearsal party, elegant ceremony, and large reception. Some may have even joked that there’d be so many guests to chat with they’d barely get to eat dinner.

When the reality of COVID19 set in around the country, we knew that many weddings, depending on the restrictions in a couple’s area, wouldn’t happen as planned or be postponed.  Many couples lost their ceremony and reception venue, caterer, and bartending services all at once.

For some couples, losing their “dream wedding” made them realize that marrying each other — becoming husband and wife — was more important. Making the decision to move forward with the wedding during the pandemic was far from easy. For many it meant cutting 100 people from their guest list; only having their wedding party and immediate family that accounted for up to 25 people in many cases.   

If you were one of those couples within the past two years who married then and are ready to celebrate now…………….DuGaren Venues & Vineyards would like to invite you to tour our magnificent Venue that is family owned and sits on 27 acres of picturesque land.  The perfect place for renewing your vows and partying the night away!


The DuGaren Team

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