Doug + Karen = DuGaren

DuGaren Venues & Vineyards

Doug and Karen Lusk, owners of DuGaren Venues & Vineyards, purchased the 24 acres of land that the Venue sits on back in 2015.  Over the past seven (7) years, they have been collecting elements such as unique lighting, fixtures, entrance doors and more knowing that one day, these items would be a part of their dream vineyard and winery. 

During the evolution of building the different structures on the property, they’ve preserved some of the legacy and history that has been a part of the land since the 1800’s. 

To learn more about the long days, sweat and tears that the Lusk’s have put into building the Venue along with what the future holds, you can listen to the podcast at:

We want to thank Michael Bagwell of for taking the time to meet with Karen Lusk and recording this podcast.

We hope you enjoy!

The DuGaren Team

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