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When you are deciding on the timeline for all of your pre-wedding milestones, one of the many to-dos on your wedding planning agenda is deciding whether or not to send Save-the-Dates.  Save-the-Dates essentially alert guests that they are going to be invited to your wedding in the coming months, along with sharing basic date and location information. Yes! Each family and friend that you send a Save-the-Date should also receive an invitation whether you learn they are coming or not.

Couples typically send out Save-the-Dates a few months after they’ve gotten engaged and have decided on a wedding date and venue. Let’s face it: Calendars can fill up fast. One of the benefits of sending Save-the-Dates is that they alert guests of your official wedding date and location, which is ultra helpful when travel is involved.

Some Save-the-Date Considerations:

Keep it short. Your Save the Dates should be simple, to-the-point cards that answer the who, where, and when of your wedding (we already know the why!) If you have a wedding website, include the link for those that would like to dive into the specifics ASAP.

Consider what actions you want the Save the Dates to prompt. When guests receive your card, the actions you likely want them to take include confirming they’re available on your wedding date, inserting your wedding info into their calendar, and beginning to consider what they need to do to prep for the celebration. So, make sure the information on your cards will prompt these activities. For a destination wedding, this card can also point guests in the direction of the information they need to get a head start on travel plans.

Let recipients know an invitation will follow. Ensure guests don’t confuse the Save the Date for your official invite by making a note at the bottom of the card that the official invitation will follow. 

Send them at the right time. It’s ideal to send save-the-dates about six months before the wedding. For a destination wedding you want to get the cards out 10 – 12 months in advance, as people need plenty of time to plan for time off and book travel and accommodations.

Select a design that reflects the style of your wedding. As the Save the Date will be the first piece of correspondence about your wedding, be sure it emulates the general style you think you’ll opt for on the big day.

Only send to people you’re sure you want at your wedding. Save the Dates should be sent only to those you’re sure you want at your wedding. Even though these aren’t the official invites, they deliver the message that the recipients are invited.   

Consider online Save the Dates. Make the sending of Save the Dates as easy as possible by sending digital cards. There are several sites available that allow you to create and send for free, and provide an assortment of unique designs to choose from.

Keep in mind that once someone receives their save-the-date, they will assume they’re invited to your wedding; you can’t not send them an official wedding invitation later! So choose wisely and thoughtfully to avoid any guest list drama down the line.


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