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We’ve all heard the cliche – “Having kids changes things.” Well, this holds especially true for wedding planning.

Blended family weddings are a prime example of how a wedding is not just about the two people getting married. There’s a lot more to consider when you’re planning a wedding as a parent. It’s important to keep your kids excited about the wedding and to make them feel like an important member of your wedding planning team.

Give Them a Role

A classic way to include your future sons or daughters in your ceremony is giving them a role in the wedding. When they look back on the big day, they will love that they played a part by showering the aisle with flower petals, holding onto the rings for safekeeping or—for the older demographic—standing by your side as a bridesmaid or groomsman.

Make a Vow of Everlasting Love

Let’s be honest—when your fiancé has kids, you are saying “I do” to them as well. Prior to proclaiming your vows to your spouse at the altar, take a moment to promise to cherish, love, and protect your future stepchildren, too. It will mean the world to them and show you’re committed to them as well as their mom or dad.

Give a Gift

The bride has her engagement ring. Both members of the couple have their wedding bands. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are even presented with gifts. Presenting something special to your soon-to-be child is a wonderful gesture to symbolize that he or she is an important part of this new family.

Invite Them to Join the Unity Ceremony

Another great way to involve children in the ceremony is to come up with a kid-friendly unity ritual (meaning something less dangerous than candles, probably). Get creative! Have family members pick their favorite candy to pour out of individual mason jars into a massive “Us” jar. Remind them that each person adds a signature flavor to the mix and there’s nothing sweeter than family. Another option is a family painting: Use painter’s tape to make the shape of a heart on a white canvas. During the ceremony have each person squirt his or her favorite color of paint to create a magical and meaningful piece of art to hang in your home.

Top Off the Cake

Who says that the bride and groom should be the only cake toppers? Add your stepchildren to the tiers, and let them keep the neat memento after the fact.

Rock Out on the Dance Floor

After the much-awaited first dance, invite the kids to join you for a upbeat number.  If you really want to get bonus points, you could choreograph a family flash mob. Slap on some sunglasses and a whole lot of swagger.

Your wedding day will illustrate your strength and unity as a family and provide memories that your children can keep with them forever. The wedding planning can be stressful but it can also be an exciting journey that has only been made better because you are doing it as a family.

So come on lovely couple, put on some sunglasses, get some swagger and let’s start planning your new journey as a family!


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