The Magic of Pairing

Married couple holding wine glasses

Have you ever thought about why wine pairing is so important?

The main concept behind pairings is that certain elements (such as texture and flavor) in both food and wine react differently to each other, and finding the right combination of these elements will make the entire experience more enjoyable.

Celebrating your wedding in a vineyard setting seems a lovely choice. The sun golden over lush vine covered rows of grapes as the to-be-weds take their vows, surrounded by friends and family. Then the bridal party is whisked away for pictures against this glorious backdrop while your guests meander the grounds, enjoying a glass of wine and nibbling on perfectly paired canape’s. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or you simply love the idea of exchanging vows in a scenic setting, getting married in a vineyard may be your ideal wedding setting.

A winery/vineyard venue is a popular choice for many of today’s wedding couples for these very reasons:

  • Stunning photo shoots with breathtaking backdrops
  • Charm and elegance and slightly more polished and refined than a field and farm venue
  • The wine of course!

DuGaren Venues & Vineyards offers a Winery Event Package for couples who are planning a more intimate wedding. Our Winery is perched on 24 acres of picturesque land that overlooks our soon to be Vineyard (coming Spring 2022) with vaulted ceilings and lots of windows offering amazing views and lots of natural light.

So let’s get paired!


The DuGaren Team

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