Turning Water into Wine

Couple on a wine cellar

Did you know that Washington State is the second largest wine region in the United States?  Washington State cultivates over 70 grape varieties; growers and vitners work in tandem to produce old world and new world styles.  Each AVA (American Viticulture Area) processes a unique combination of climate, topography and soils that define the aromas and flavors of locally grown grapes and wines crafted from them.

For winemakers to have such defined aromas and flavors, they must ensure that their vineyards have proper irrigation.  Turning water into wine is where the inspiration began for owners of DuGaren Venues and Vineyards, Doug and Karen Lusk.  You see, in the early 2,000 Doug lived in Washington State where he owned and operated his own pump and irrigation company.  His company oversaw and installed new irrigation systems for many of the vineyards such as Columbia Crest Winery, Hogue Cellars and Red Mountain Wine Estates just to name a few.  Doug’s love for getting his hands dirty, passion for producing results and a pallete for good wine, led his vision and dreams of one day owning a vineyard and winery.

In 2004 Doug left Washington State and followed his children to North Carolina. It was at his son’s thirtieth birthday party in 2007 where he would meet Karen. It’s funny how food has a way of bringing people together to fellowship, show love, eat good and celebrate as it did that day. Doug and Karen would soon learn that they both had a love for the same things.  A trip to California in 2014 to the wine country would be the catalyst of things to come. The beautiful vineyards, lovely properties surrounding, amazing aromas of fine wines and time together got their wheels turning and re-sparked the vision that Doug had always had. But this time, he had Karen by his side.  They purchased the 24 acres of land in 2015 that DuGaren Venues and Vineyards sits on today and married in 2016.  During the past seven years, they have been collecting elements such as unique lighting, fixtures, lanterns and more that they knew would one day be a part of their dream vineyard and winery.  They even preserved the fireplace from the original home built in the 1800’s that was on the property at time of purchase.  The fireplace will be used in the “Pavillion” area of the venue as a grand addition to the space for any small outdoor event.   

Life can be about many things and when things are going good, it becomes a cycle of chasing dreams and happiness that peddles on the efforts required to achieve them. One can dream of a great future for loved ones and peace and happiness for themselves, but has to work towards achieving it. While nobody can be stopped from achieving what one desires, a key factor of achievement is to put in dedicated efforts to see dreams turning into reality.

As Doug and Karen continue their dedication to finalizing the construction of DuGaren Venues and Vineyards, it is their hope and prayer that it becomes the heart of Denver, North Carolina.  That the venue and vineyard become a place of happiness for all those who hold their events there.

 We are so excited to be booking 2022 events and can’t wait to open our doors for all to see.  When you come and visit us at DuGaren Venues and Vineyards, remember that “you can turn water into wine”.


The DuGaren Team

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