The Year of Paper

I Love You Always printed on wall

Congrats on making it to the one-year marriage mark! We hope you had a wonderful year full of many great dates and experiences that helped you and your spouse deepen your love for each other.

The traditional first year anniversary gift is the “gift of paper”. Yes, paper. It may seem lackluster at first, but a paper anniversary gift can be meaningful, unique, and stand the test of time.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Paper Flowers- preserve any flowers used at your wedding to make pressed floral wall art.
  • Wedding Vows-maybe you still have your wedding vows tucked away. Print them on canvas or large poster paper and frame them for a timeless, precious gift 
  • Photo Book – as a follow up to the photos you selected from your wedding day, pick out some of the classic moments, funny moments, candid photos that you normally wouldn’t frame to create a photo book.
  • Tickets- if your spouse is more into experiences than material goods, tickets are the way to go. A paper ticket is the gateway to experiencing something incredible with your spouse,

While there are so many different ways to celebrate that first year with your loved one, we hope these were helpful tips.

We are so excited as we are just weeks away from celebrating some of our 2022 couple’s One Year Anniversaries!


The DuGaren Team

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