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A winter wedding is like a wedding at any time of year, just cozier. If you enjoy the feeling of snuggling up close to people you love and find yourself dreaming about crackling fireplaces and warm mugs of hot chocolate (or a spiced apple hot toddy!), then a winter wedding may be perfect for you. Furthermore, if you like standing out from the crowd, a winter wedding is an excellent way to distinguish your wedding from the rest.

There are some activities and accouterments that are unique to winter weddings.

*– Snowy first look: *Every first look is special, but there’s something extra romantic about seeing your partner dressed up in their wedding finest with a beautiful snowy backdrop.

– Hot drinks: Warm guests up for the reception by serving a selection of warm, wintery adult beverages during cocktail hour. From spicy mulled wine to hot buttered rum.

– Comfort food: From soup to stew to pies both savory and sweet, fill your food menu with comforting seasonal fare.

– Blankets: If your wedding has both indoor and outdoor elements, your guests will appreciate having blankets draped on the backs of their chairs.

– S’mores: Whether you’re supplementing traditional wedding cake or just going for a different vibe, your guests won’t be able to resist eating sweet and crunchy s’mores for dessert.

*– A wintry exit: *Getting married at DuGaren Venues & Vineyards? You may consider being whisked away by a horse-drawn sleigh!

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